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I've had one passion for as long as I can remember: keeping people safe. So, that’s what I have been doing for almost three decades. Some of the world’s best-known politicians, activists, and recording artists have trusted my work and the work of my Leumas Security Services team. No matter who you are, when you trust us with your security, you’ll be treated like a superstar.I can help you with:

  • Consulting services tailored to fit your unique security needs.
  • Speaking engagements that need security expertise.
  • Workshops that help your family, community organization, business, or employer raise their level of security awareness and respond better to security threats.
  • Specialized security guard services are provided by former members of the military, police forces, and private security professionals.

Founded in 1996 as Griffin’s Executive Protection Agency, Leumas Security Services has handled the security needs of presidential candidates, heads of state and A-list celebrities. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide armed and unarmed security professionals who are trained and certified through the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. That is one of many ways that we Protect What You Want to Preserve.

Leumas Publishing produces books designed to be a light on the path of those who work hard to build the career of their dreams; careers that support lives, not bills.
Our publications and other materials meet people where they are, whether they are starting out or starting something new. If there is a more direct, holistic way of reaching a specific career goal, we want to make sure our readers have access to it.

If you’ve toyed with the idea of becoming a security professional, questions about what the work is really like, if it truly is a worthwhile career choice of if you have what it takes to handle it certainly come to mind. “Rent-A-Cop Reboot: A Security Pro’s Lessons that Could Save Your Career, Your Butt, and Even Your Life” can help you get answers you need and change the way you look at security guards and other non-law enforcement security professionals forever.

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Interested in having Mr. Griffin speak?

Samuel Griffin III is a seasoned, security professional whose expertise includes security guard deployment and training, executive protection, and private security firm operations. He can speak with you, your audience, and other panelists about a variety of current issues including: Personal Security, Starting Strong in the New Year, Surviving as a Small Business.