Road Rage!

Road Rage!

Memorial Day Weekend is coming up. It’s an important national holiday, but we also see it as the unofficial start of summer. Despite rising COVID cases in many areas, more than 39 million people are expected to travel this summer. Most of them will be in a motor vehicle.

That means there will be more chances for road rage.

A recent incident that turned deadly in Michigan, and a knife versus gun confrontation in Florida, help illustrate how quickly tempers can heat up as the result of a situation on the road.

To avoid road rage, make sure you take care of yourself before and after getting behind the wheel. Make sure you’re well rested, comfortable (physically and emotionally) while driving, and give other drivers the benefit of the doubt when something goes wrong.

When you’re more relaxed, you’re also more likely to think twice before assuming something is wrong. Assumptions like that have led people to do things like confront me in parking areas over the use of a handicapped space. Really?! Relax folks. Stay in your lane. Literally.

Memorial Day, Independence Day (Fourth of July), graduations, weddings, reunions, and other gatherings are meaningful periods for people across our nation. They may mean more this year for some of us than they have in the past.

Don’t have your mind so set on wherever you’re going that you forget the rules of the road and human decency. Make sure that your journey is as important as your destination. Resist road rage.


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