Challenges of High-Security Jobs

Challenges of High-Security Jobs

There are challenges connected with working in high-security jobs. Having many close friends is harder, and sometimes the work environment is difficult because fellow employees don't follow the rules.

We all make friends at work. Working with other employees can be enjoyable, and as you spend time together and get to know each other, you might easily become friends. Perhaps you start to hang out after work. This is how many friendships begin in any work environment, and you and another employee might even become best friends.

However, with some employment, friendships at work can be more complex. Some people, like me, have jobs that require top-secret clearance. Occupations in various parts of the government require you to keep what happens on the job to yourself. You cannot disclose or discuss what you experience at work. That makes friendships with fellow employees more challenging.

How about you? Could you work in an environment that required you not to discuss your job with anyone, or would you rather work a job that allowed you to speak openly about your day? Find out more about how to qualify for top secret positions.

I personally had jobs early in my career where we hung out after work and enjoyed our days working together. It wasn't until I started working for a politician that I knew my circle of friends would be smaller. As my duties became more demanding, friendships with colleagues became almost impossible. I had to decide between the job I was blessed with and freely hanging out and having a good time with fellow employees.

Rule Breakers Lower Morale

Another challenge for secure workplaces is dealing with those who don’t follow the rules. The work environment can be good if your coworkers have been trained correctly and they follow the SOPs of that job. Unfortunately, some employees simply don’t care about the rules and regulations and are there simply for their paychecks.

Rule breakers can cause morale problems for some employees. People feel nervous about the lack of security. Some even quit rather than deal with the tense situation. Part of the solution to this problem is leading by example. Showing leadership helps others toe the line and sets you up for possible promotion.

So, if you are considering a job where you must follow security protocols, know there are challenges. You will need to limit friendships and deal with problematic fellow employees.