Promoting Reading & Literacy

Promoting Reading & Literacy

Promoting my book Safety Seal through visits to local libraries and schools highlights the importance of building community partnerships and inspiring children to read. I believe it's crucial to share my book with young readers as it tackles the issue of bullying, offering guidance and tools for those who may find themselves in a similar situation.

I am passionate about engaging with the community to ensure all children have access to books, like Safety Seal and others. When children have access to books it provides them with limitless opportunities, such as improving their literacy skills in vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking. It also opens doors to new information, ideas, and perspectives that expand their knowledge of the world.

Reading helps children in a variety of ways:

  • Improves literacy skills
  • Broadens knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Stimulates imagination
  • Promotes empathy and social-emotional development
  • Improves focus and concentration skills

As a community, we can support our children by visiting their schools, reading to their class, and making sure they have library cards and use them frequently.

Public libraries play a critical role in supporting children's growth and development by providing a safe and quiet environment and offering access to a wealth of educational and recreational resources. Visit your local library today!