Mourning the Loss of Queen Elizabeth.

At the very beginning of my career, I had the opportunity to meet Margaret Thatcher and then Prince Charles, who was visiting the College of William and Mary. Out of my office window, I saw a motorcade of armored vehicles drive their routes with full lights and sirens. The next day I saw the same cars drive through, but this time accompanied by helicopters and a ton of Security Services agents with Prince (now King) Charles.

I had never met a prince in my life until that moment, and now to think he is a King. I have met many presidents and vice presidents with their spouses and about every major world leader throughout my career. To be blessed to be in the presence of these great men and women is nothing short of a miracle. I took a dream, then fed that dream, and it grew into everything that I hoped and prayed for and so much more.

When pursuing your dream, give it 110% because dreams don’t just happen. As you dream, speak life into how you will make that dream come true. Hard work and a lot of suffering are both part of the recipe for fulfilling your dreams. Nothing is going to drop out of the sky into your lap. You must get yours, and don't be afraid of the word! It only takes one yes to have your dreams come true.

Whether you want to become a business owner, sheriff, police officer, FBI agent, secret service agent, armed/unarmed professional, or private investigator, don't give up. Research what is required to become one of those individuals and go for it. Remember, be careful of the company you keep and make smart decisions because a background check will be made into your life, and those secrets will be exposed and must be explained if you have any.

Today's decisions determine your career and your tomorrows!