Overcoming Bad Habits, Learning from the Past

Overcoming Bad Habits, Learning from the Past

We all have habits we have learned from watching others influential in our early lives, which can be good or bad. We may have admired, looked up to, and loved these flawed adults, but the lessons we learned from them weren’t all positive. Lessons produce habits, but once we realize a pattern we’ve developed causes a negative reaction, we can either change it or deal with the consequences.

As a child, I saw things no child should ever see and heard things no child should hear. I discuss these experiences in my book "Rent A Cop Reboot ."Lessons a child learns at age five or younger can be difficult to overcome. How we see adults deal with life’s problems becomes ingrained in us.

Moreover, taking on negative habits learned from a mother or father figure can become a generational curse. For example, a grandfather passes a habit to a father, who passes it to a son. In some families, the pattern might be domestic violence, while in others, it might be alcoholism or drug abuse. Read here to learn more about The Circle of Domestic Violence.

Even less severe problems like overeating, quitting jobs at the first sign of conflict, or always being late can be passed through generations. To overcome the negative lessons and break the cycle of destructive habits, we must start by looking to a higher power for help.

As I mentioned, I saw things a child shouldn’t have seen. I could easily have repeated the behaviors I saw, but I decided I wouldn't become like the person I saw destroying my family. Instead, I rejected the negative influences, chose a new path, and thanked God for breaking the mold and rebuilding me.

While endured pain and negativity can be overcome, this won’t come without trial and error. There might be dark days, but don’t give up. Remember that on gloomy days the rain that falls feeds the earth, and the sun will return and provide the light and warmth it needs for growth. So, slog through the dark days and then allow sunshine to help you succeed.

A wise man once said, “If you believe it, then you can achieve it.” Don’t let your past dictate your present. You alone are in charge of your destiny.