Surveillance Measures a Worthwhile Investment

Surveillance Measures a Worthwhile Investment

Every business needs a good surveillance system, from small retail storefronts to manufacturing plants and office buildings. At the very least, your system should allow you to see your entire operation and all four corners of your property, and today’s best systems can do even more. A great system protects employees, important inventory, and your property.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a larger facilities manager, consider investing in a video surveillance system that does more than provide visual monitoring and recording. For example, some systems have motion sensors to alert you when an individual drives or walks onto your property. Others can connect to alarm systems, security companies, or to your local police department. For a visual system choose one you can access remotely, so it’s working for you 24-7, since you will be monitoring.

According to an article by, “With a video surveillance system, you can use your camera’s motion detectors to prevent theft before business hours. You can record customer interactions to catch potential shoplifters during the day. And you can check in via your mobile device after closing time to make sure your office is locked up tight.”

Installing a quality system for your business is worth the investment especially in life and death instances, especially for employees working the graveyard shift.

On July 31 at 2:45 AM, an 80-year-old store employee in Southern California defended himself and the store from armed intruders because he saw them on video about to enter the store with rifles. He pulled a shotgun* from behind the counter and shot one of the attackers in the arm. All of them turned and fled. Fortunately this business owner had a surveillance camera that caught it on tape.  This enabled the suspects to be apprehended and arrested. The police were able to identify the suspects and confirm that the employee acted in self-defense.

Surveillance systems can also lower business insurance premiums. “Many insurers will provide premium discounts to customers who secure their premises with deadbolt locks, cameras, monitoring alarm systems, and other devices.” according to Be sure to check with your insurance company. You may be able to recoup your security investment over time through a premium reduction.

For the sake of your business, employees, and bottom line, invest in the best system you can afford. Due to innovations in technology video surveillance has become more sophisticated and affordable in recent years, and is something that is well worth the investment. 

*Businesses open to customers all night are often targets for criminals. If you choose to be armed as a business owner or employee, please make sure you properly register and store your weapon according to your state's laws and know how to use the weapon safely. A gun can do more harm than good in the hands of someone inexperienced or unfamiliar with gun safety rules.