Health = Security

Health = Security

One of life’s most important points has been said many times, many ways, by many people: nothing matters if you don’t have your health. Health is security.

A security professional like myself could stand between you and a bully or a bullet, but we can’t get between you and your bad health decisions.

If you’ve already dumped your New Year’s commitment to healthier eating and more exercise, start over. You made the rules. Make new ones that work better for you. Get general nutrition tips you can live with while building on basic exercises. And don’t let physical limitations limit you!

I learned the hard way that you also have to get your regular health checkups—there are recommendations for men and women—know your body, and speak up when you think something’s wrong. After convincing my doctor that something was very wrong with my stomach, a colonoscopy revealed that I had Stage 4 colorectal cancer. I was younger than the recommended age for a colonoscopy, which has since been lowered to 45.

This time last year, I didn’t know if I would survive the cancer or the treatment. I talk about various stages of my cancer journey in some of the videos on the Leumas Publishing YouTube Channel.

The picture above is during a trip to New York City with my family in May, 2021, so my wife and daughter would have plenty of happy memories in case I didn’t make it.

I talk about taking care of your health in my book Rent-A-Cop Reboot, but I had no idea how important that issue would become in my life. No matter what happens, the better you care for your health, the better you’ll be able to handle everything else.

Today’s decision to take better care of your health will affect your tomorrows.