Children's Book: SAFETY SEAL Available Now!

Children's Book: SAFETY SEAL Available Now!

As parents, we want to shield our children from harm, and protect them from some harsh realities of life. It can be rather difficult trying to prepare our children for a world outside of our homes. That’s why providing kids with the tools necessary to explore the world around them is so important. Moreover, we want them to trust their instincts, to understand the importance of a “buddy system” and to always feel empowered to speak up for themselves. In addition, we want to prepare them for difficult situations like dealing with a bully or knowing what to do in case of an emergency.

I’ve been in the professional security industry for over 20 years, but my daughter was the sole inspiration behind my first children’s book, Safety Seal. I wanted to make sure that young children had a resource to help them in navigating various situations especially those concerning their personal safety and the safety of others.

Authored by myself and Theresa Caldwell this book focuses on a young seal who thinks every trip is an adventure. To have more fun on any trip, Safety Seal understands the importance of following the rules that can help you stay safe when you are away from home. As readers join Safety Seal on a school trip, they learn how following the rules also helps to keep a new friend safe from a bully.

This book is easy to read and is specifically written for readers 10 years and under. Order your book today!

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