Need a Speaker?

Samuel Griffin III is a seasoned, security professional whose expertise includes security guard deployment and training, executive protection, and private security firm operations. He can speak with you, your audience, and other panelists about a variety of current issues including:​


Despite the pandemic, tens of thousands of Americans have still been crime victims over the past year. Are there strategies people can use to help keep themselves, their families, and their businesses safe? Yes, including simple things like making sure you have plenty of light on stairways, and your firearm is properly secured.


It’s alright if you want to make New Year’s Resolutions, even if you usually abandon them in just a few weeks. How should you prepare to reach your goals? Is the goal is really worth working toward?


Small businesses in most industries are expected to continue struggling well into 2021. How are these entrepreneurs handling the financial and emotional costs of seeing their business dreams dashed? Among his blessings, Griffin counts the support of his faith, his wife, and his following basic financial advice he got several years ago which he shares with others.

According to an April 2020 National Bureau of Economic Research survey, minority-owned businesses are being hit especially hard during the pandemic with African-American businesses experiencing a 41% decrease, Latinx businesses falling by 32%, and Asian-owned business dropping by 26%.

What extra pressure is felt by Black business owners like Griffin - especially in a law enforcement-friendly business at a time when the industry is under the microscope?

These are very tough times, and your personal problems don’t give you a break to handle them. I remind myself every day that I have what it takes to keep my business going, and no matter what happens I am the same person who built the business in the first place. There are times when I feel the weight of it all. I’ve learned to take a minute to lean on my faith, my family, and my friends. Sometimes it takes more than a minute!

- Samuel Griffin III